About Us

Vibrator Australia is the leading shop to buy vibrators online down under. If you are looking for good quality products, proper education and information that will help you have a healthy sexual lifestyle and practices then this is the site for you. We pride ourselves in offering you a top quality service, providing excellent quality sex toys where you will not be judged in anyway. Here you can buy in all confidence that your confidentiality will be respected.  Read more about our Privacy Policy.


We first got started into the sex toy business 26 years ago with the first retail store in Sydney, Australia. Women of all ages would come to our stores for proper sexual information about good quality vibrators and dildos. We were aiming to set a high standard safe environment where everyone could feel comfortable coming to buy what they needed for their sexual lifestyle in a legitimate and clean environment.  Over the next 20 years we opened multiple stores in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria as well as store in South Africa and United States of America.

Whilst expanding our brick and mortar stores we also opened a number of online stores and about six years ago we opened our main e-commerce site.  The word spread fast, we started with products from a handful of companies and slowly expanded our lines to include not only the most popular brands of vibrators in Australia but also some not so well known ones. While we were just into dildos and vibrators originally, we quickly picked up some more kinky toys like anal beads, strap-on and other products.
With great feedback and 2 years later our focus started drifting away from brick and mortar stores and concentrating on our online endeavors.  We had people from all around Australia contacting us and asking for our products, services and advice online.  Slowly we began selling off and closing retail stores across the Country and overseas as it became apparent that it was turning out to be far more cost effective creating a warehouse that would cater for all customers in a more cost effective environment enabling us to sell sex toy vibrators and other products at vastly reduced retail prices.  The saving to you the end user was enormous on occasions being 50% cheaper than we could sell through our retail outlets due to cost of wages, rent, insurances, outgoings and so on.

We launched our vibrators-australia website in early January of 2016 and have been hit with huge interest from customers both nationally and internationally.  That boom in our customer base alows us give you the best prices, with free shipping with order over $200 for Australian customers and cheaper than domestic freight rates for international customer using DHL. You will be surprised with the money you can save by buying some of our products through the vibrators australia and not at your local store. Shipping is fast and efficient and features tracking for every single orders. We ship daily domestically and international every 2nd business day.


We know that women’s sexuality (as well as men’s) is sometimes misunderstood. We strive to give you accurate information in our product listings online and provide advice on anything you might need to know and will take the time to answer any inquiries one by one. The idea is to be sure that you can share pleasure and incomparable experiences with your partner. Sexual experimentation is probably one of the most important part of human modern existence and being aware of what works for you and what works for others is part of our mission.


If we set aside the products we sell, we make it possible for you to get proper sexual education through our online resources with some of our trusted partners and affiliates.  Our Customer Service Staff also attend seminars, exhibitions relating to all things adult.  We are only too happy to assist with queries by email, telephone and out online chat.  We want to help you make wise and correct decisions on your choices of sex toys. This section is about us but it is also about you. And making sure that we get 100% customer satisfaction is very important to us. Make no mistake we offer you one of the best after sale services, and while most of the sex toys are not refundable after the first usage due to health reasons unless the product is faulty, our staff will help you pinpoint what is the right fit for you. If your sex toy is damaged, faulty don’t be afraid to tell us and we will give you store credit so that you can then further your exploration of your sexual life.

Our customer is our first priority and has always been. You might be a gay couple looking into expanding your sexual horizon, or wanting to experience lesbian play or a hetro couple that is just bored with their current sex life. We do not make judgements on your sexual orientation and our staff will give you the help required for you to make advised and informed decision in your sex toys choices.


This is about us, but you can also be part of it. Our staff will always be there to give the proper advice on our sex products. They will recommend a brand, a certain type of toy that they think is right for you but ultimately it is you that have the power to make the decision.  Our staff will answer any inquiries through our online chat - make sure to ask everything that is on you mind so that you get guided properly. Make no mistake, everyone on the other end of knows our products inside and out. They are more than capable to guide you to the right product - we give personal and custom training to every customer service operator because our customers are the most important part of our business – without you we have no business.


We have been involved in the adult industry for more than 26 years.  Our acquisitions have included adult retail stores, online adult stores, strip clubs, saunas and Adult Lifestyle Centres.  We have also organized and exhibited in exhibitions relating to Health and Sexuality.  We have foregone most of these acquisitions by either sale or closure to concentrate on our online interests like vibrators-australia.com.au.  The lack of customer service and sexual orientation brought us to the conclusion that we wanted to offer what the industry was missing. Pride in the service we offer and always strive to improve our product line.  Our sales and customer service staff attend yearly sexual and fetishism conventions and exhibitions always on the lookout for new products that might be an interesting addition to the product line.

If you have some special request for a product that we do not carry on our online website or retail store, you can always write a personal email asking for specific things and we will in all probability add them to our range.