Bullet Vibrators

Love eggs, love balls and clitoral bullets are primarily a vaginal toy. If you're having Pelvic Floor Muscle issues, especially after pregnancy, then the love eggs, also referred to as kegal balls and jiggle balls might be a welcome relief in bringing everything back to shape and helping you have some fun along the way. These toys can not only vibrate, be remote controlled by a partner, but they may be simply worn with no one in public realising for a delightfully sinful secret. The benefit of these geisha balls is that can help tighten and tone the pelvic floor muscles (PVC) or vaginal muscles and give you tighter control udring intercourse. This can be useful with aging, post pregnancy, or simply for better health. Not only does this help with incontinence and bladder control, but they provide more intense orgasms and increased sensitivity during arousal and sex as the stronger muscles promote blood flow. Some versions of these kegal balls, can also be used to tighten and tone the anal muscles as well in much the same way as the vaginal muscles. Bullets are small intense vibrators used for clitoral stimulation either during solo play, during sex, or as foreplay. Easy to use and hold they are the starting point for getting into sex toys and adult fun. Clitoral vibrators are the most common of vibrators as they are small, discreet, versatile and portable and do not get in the way during sex. Bullets can be battery operated, or rechargeable but for the most part they are incredibly powerful.

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