Finger & Tongue Vibrators

For those that like using the fingers and tongues during sex - then the range of finger and tongue vibrators is sure to kick your vibrating finger action up a few notches and really bring someone to the edge. These petite and powerful vibrators will either sit on your finger and transform your plain finger into an intense and pleasurable vibration and it's a great way to still retain the intimacy by having you directly involved with your fingers as opposed to merely holding onto something external. It's a great introductory toy for this reason as well, as it is still a hands on experience in comparison to larger vibrators and shouldn't leave anyone feeling replaced for those that are shy! Most finger vibrators will have a stretchy ring, which you wear like a ring on your finger and this will hold the vibrator in place whilst you engage with some intimate moments with your partner, or even by yourself! They are sometimes quite tight, so ensure that you don't lose feeling in your fingers, but they need to be secure so that they do not move around too much during sexual play. If they're moving around too much, switch them up or down the fingers to get the right spot that's comfortable for all. Remember, to not just use a finger or tongue vibrator on the clitoris, they can also be used as a brilliant couples toy by using them on the nipples, male genitals, lips, neck and even on the edge of the ears.

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